After ideas contest “Nesting Paduli 2015”, the self-construction workshop began with the first two days of work: after a first arrangement of the yard, we started cleaning olive branches; from these, we got the branches necessary for the construction of the “Nziddha” shelter structural circles.

After preparing a suspension made with hemp ropes, we placed the structure in the final position; finally we made some load test to check the strenght of the whole structure.

This is the report from abitareipaduli.com

The first two days of self-construction workshop of the nests winners of “Nesting Paduli” ideas contest. The “Nziddha” group, with Antonio “Uccio” Mariano (guardian of the weaving reeds ancient technique) walking through olive trees searching for the right one that will host the shelter. The most beautiful place where visitors will stay suspended in mid-air between the ground and foliage.

The construction of the “Nziddha” shelter starts here, with olive branches, ropes and Arundo donax reeds. While the “drop” is tested while hanging on a large branch, the second group starts the work of “The Dreams Observatory”: first, an ellipse is drawn on the ground, from there guys start the construction of the dry stone wall, the future base of the shelter. The construction takes place with the help of two masters, Vito and Antonio. It ‘an important moment, where ancient and new techniques find new applications, a time of exchange and training. In two days the wall is completed. Begins the realization of the truncated cone, a telescope, oriented northwest to observe Vega on summer nights ..


Some photos taken by VHS – Visual High Solutions by Alberto Caroppo and Francesco Buccarelli:



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