After creating a group of scenes dedicated to nature and “PBR materials” studies, I’m presenting a new scene dedicated to architecture: this scene represents an hotel room consisting of an entrance, a bedroom and a bathroom.

I started creating this scene several months ago, then I abandoned it to work on other projects.

A month ago I decided to complete this scene to use it in a new project: I’ll talk you about it soon, so… stay tuned!


  • carpet: CC-BY – Blend Swap by nacimus
  • waste basket: CC-BY – Blend Swap by nacimus
  • textures: poliigon.com
  • brushed metal (material): by Stefano Scarioni
  • cloth hanger: CC-BY – Blend Swap by  Mythagos
  • Optical illusion cube lamp: design by Cedric Dequidt
  • Focal lamp: design by Designlump
  • harmchair: CC-BY – Blend Swap by spect3r
  • trolley: CC-BY – Blend Swap by ericblender7
  • notebook bag: CC-BY – Blend Swap by muhtesemozcinar
  • Eiffel chair: CC-BY – Blend Swap by gianmariaveronese
  • tv: CC-BY – Blend Swap by mateush
  • sunglasses: CC-BY – Blend Swap by BlenderWizar101
  • canvas: by Blenderguru


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