Minimalist interior scene #2

Last week I told you about a website very useful for people that deal with 3d graphics: Dimensiva.com (you find my article here). Today I’m gonna tell you about a similar website. “Lucrea3D“, this is its name, makes tons of high quality free 3d models (both for personal and commercial purpose, again!) available. There is a […]

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Armory: real time renderer

Today I want to talk about Armory, a Blender’s real time render engine under development. Lubos Lenco, Armory‘s developer, explains that its creation goal is to bring real time rendering to 3d artists in a way  fully integrated into Blender; that means that it will no longer be necessary to jump from an application to another to create the final […]

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Detached house

Today we present the 3D modeling and rendering of a detached house. Virtual representations such as these allow your clients to live the visual experience of projects otherwise expressed with a technical language not suitable for non-experts; they also stimulate an emotional response in the viewer. CREDITS: Grass: Grass essentials by BlenderGuru HDRI background: Pro-Lighting […]

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Minimalist interior scene

Some weeks ago, while searching on the web, I found an interesting website for people that deal with 3d graphics. “Dimensiva“, this is its name, makes tons of high quality free 3d models (both for personal and commercial purpose!) available. But there is a problem for people that use Blender as I do: assets are […]

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Hotel room

After creating a group of scenes dedicated to nature and “PBR materials” studies, I’m presenting a new scene dedicated to architecture: this scene represents an hotel room consisting of an entrance, a bedroom and a bathroom. I started creating this scene several months ago, then I abandoned it to work on other projects. A month […]

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Sunset lamp

The scene I’m presenting today is inspired by an installation I saw some days ago on Fubiz.net. It’s titled “Skirting Board Sunset” and it was created by dutch designer Helmut Smits: this object, made of Perspex (an acrylic material) and with a LED lamp inside, remember the sunset; its reflections on the floor remember sun […]

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“Microcosm” on Blender Cycles Gallery!

Do you remember my last scene “Microcosm (spider secret world)“? I’m proud to say that… it’s on Blender Cycles Gallery!! You can watch the Gallery clicking here or on the screenshot below. Thanks to Ton Roosendaal for sharing my work. 🙂

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For our eyes it represents just a small tree suspended between olive trees; for another creature it represents a small world. Credits: Software – Blender; Render engine – Cycles; Post processing – Blender + Gimp; Olive trees (except materials and close-up bonsai tree) – free olive tree pack vol1, by Sergio Mereces; Grass – the […]

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“Nziddha” shelter on italian television!

Do you remember our Nziddha shelter? Our temporary biodegradable shelter, winning project of Nidificare i Paduli 2015 (Nestin Paduli 2015), was a guest of television broadcast Sereno Variabile, on national television network Rai 2 last March 19, 2016! The episode describes history, art, flavors and customs of Castro, Poggiardo and San Cassiano (three Apulian small […]

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“Fading atmosphere” effect

As I said yesterday, the globe I represented in “Blue Levitating Marble” scene is based on a very detailed Andrew Price’s tutorial; you can find it here. I introduced some changes to materials described in the tutorial: particularly I modified the atmosphere because it had a sharp profile, to optimize the render time; so I […]

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