Starting from a 3d virtual model, with rendering technique we can create a photorealistic image of a subject (a building, home furniture, etc) before its creation or transformation.

Interactive rendering

Starting from a 3d virtual model, with interactive rendering technique we can create a photorealistic navigable image: you can rotate the point of view by 360 degrees.

Light & shadows simulation

With light and sun shadows simulation we can check the position of shadows during the year at a specific hour or during a particular time interval at a specific date.


We can create a useful descriptive video of your project; we can create an animation based on an existing video (with “camera tracking” technique) or on a completely virtual scene.

3d Modeling

We can create a 3d virtual model of buildings, trees, furnitures, decorative objects, etc. The purpose is to obtain a scene that takes a real consistency through the rendering or animation.

dichitoarchitetto.it is more than 3d graphics

My services

Design, Architectural conservation, Photography


Design, Interior design, Cost estimate and price list

Architectural conservation

Architectural survey, renovation and conservation of existing buildings


Architectural photography, Perspective correction, Panoramic and interactive navigable pictures

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About me

Pietro Di Chito, Architect

studio holder

Graduated in 2006 at the Faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnic of Bari; I collaborated with several architecture studios; I’ve been dealing with 3d graphics since 1998 and I’ve been using Blender as my main work tool since 2011; currently 3d artist at The Pixelary and Synthesis A.I.

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