Some weeks ago, while searching on the web, I found an interesting website for people that deal with 3d graphics.


Dimensiva“, this is its name, makes tons of high quality free 3d models (both for personal and commercial purpose!) available.


But there is a problem for people that use Blender as I do: assets are made for 3dstudio Max; after some tests, I realized that meshes are suitable for Blender: Dimensiva gives you models in various file formats (e.g. obj and fbx), so you only have to create Cycles materials; textures, when needed, are also available.

The scene you can see below is made with furnitures taken from Dimensiva, materials are created by me.


  • furnitures: Dimensiva.com (except materials)
  • textures: poliigon.com and textures.com
  • candle-holder: Lucrea3d.com
  • software used: Blender (modeling and rendering) and Krita (postproduction)

Need more info? Don’t esitate to contact me by contact form or by email: info(at)dichitoarchitetto.it

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