Last week I told you about a website very useful for people that deal with 3d graphics: Dimensiva.com (you find my article here).

Today I’m gonna tell you about a similar website.


Lucrea3D“, this is its name, makes tons of high quality free 3d models (both for personal and commercial purpose, again!) available.


There is a difference with Dimensiva (I remember you that its models are made for 3DStudio Max and suitable for Blender); Lucrea3d gives you models in various file formats, *.blend included! 3d models are ready to be used in Blender; materials are prepared for Cycles render engine; the only thing to do: Ctrl+F1 to “append” or “Ctrl+Alt+O” to “link”. That’s all.

The scene you can see below is made with furnitures taken from Lucrea3dcom.


  • chair, typewriter, some books – Lucrea3d.com
  • lamp – Dimensiva.com (except materials)
  • textures: poliigon.com
  • software used: Blender (modeling and rendering) and Krita (postproduction)

Need more info? Don’t esitate to contact me by contact form or by email: info(at)dichitoarchitetto.it

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