The scene I’m presenting today is inspired by an installation I saw some days ago on Fubiz.net. It’s titled “Skirting Board Sunset” and it was created by dutch designer Helmut Smits: this object, made of Perspex (an acrylic material) and with a LED lamp inside, remember the sunset; its reflections on the floor remember sun reflection on sea surface.

Instinctively I thought to complete the scene with a toy boat that cut through the surface, leaving scratches here and there.

As always I modeled and rendered the scene in Blender; differently from the past, I post-processed the scene in Krita, open-source photo editing software; I discovered it some weeks ago and I suggest to give it a try.

Last but not least, credits:

  • sunset lamp – “Skirting Board Sunset” by Helmut Smits;
  • floor and wall – textures by poliigon.com;
  • toy boat – Blend swap, CC-BY by ryanhaldy.


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