After ideas contest “Nesting Paduli 2015”, the self-construction workshop began with the first meeting with the Tutors for a preliminary discussion on the project; during this discussion we decided to make some changes to the original design of the Nziddha” shelter: bigger diameter and height, exclusive use of olive wood; after the meeting, we visited the Paduli area, where we have identified points of the possible installation of the shelter.

This is the report from www.abitareipaduli.com

On Sunday, 26 July 2015: in the afternoon, in the  San Cassiano “Palazzo Ducale” courtyard , the ideas contest winners meet the group of the organizers, the tutors and the team that will join them in the next week when their nests will be built. After a meeting on operating methods of the two shelters, we went to the public olive tree grove of San Cassiano for a visit. The location of the two shelters is the first question to be solved: the first one, after construction, will hang from a branch; the second one will be in close contact with the ground but it has to be oriented properly to contemplate the starry sky at night. To set the right direction of The dreams observatory”, we were helped by Fernando De Ronzo, experienced amateur astronomer of GAS, Amateur Astronomers Group Salento. The workshop will start tomorrow…


Some photos taken by VHS – Visual High Solutions by Alberto Caroppo and Francesco Buccarelli:



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