My first procedural material is available for download; I created it for Blender and its rendering engine Cycles. The file, to reduce its size, contains just the material ready for use: to use it in your scene, simply use the Append command (Shift + F1), select the file procedural corten steel.blend, view the contents of the “material” folder, select the material and then click” Append “.

The material is fully procedural and requires no UVmapping. All nodes are grouped and provided with a series of controls placed “upstream”; from these controls you can modify the main parameters of the material. Each control has been renamed to immediately identify the function.

Through these controls you can change:

  • overall scale of the material (the overall scale influence all other features of the material, from mix of colors to the scale of the scratches; overall scale is set to fit a scene with 1 blend unit = 1 metre; don’t forget to apply scale to your objects before applying material!);
  • Colors of the material and their mix factor;
  • Color and amount of dirt;
  • Displacement factor (this factor can also influence reflection: minor roughness = greater reflection and vice versa);
  • Global reflectivity and fresnel;
  • Amount, depth and orientation of scratches (2 levels of scratches available).

PROCEDURAL CORTEN STEEL is available under Creative Commons CC-BY, you can use it for free under the following condition:

  • You must give credit to the autor of this file

If you decide to distribute copies or modified versions of this file you have to do so under the same condition. If you want, you can send me feedbacks, suggestions or your render results by email or via the contact form.

Thanks to arch.Stefano Scarioni for advices and preliminary tests.


Creative Commons CC-BY (You must give credit to the autor of this file)


arch. Pietro O. Di Chito (dichitoarchitetto.it)

Blender Cycles

v1…June 23, 2015

I’m glad that you took interest in this project! Click here to start your download

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