After ideas contest “Nesting Paduli 2015”, the self-construction workshop has come to its last day: the two Nziddha shelters hang from large olive branches waiting to welcome their first visitors.

After fixing last details, we’re going to celebrate and enjoy the atmosphere of Olivet Public Park illuminated by oil lamps.

This is the report from abitareipaduli.com

It’s been a busy week. A workshop like few.

Twenty-five people have turned an olive tree grove in a place of making and exchanging, sharing stories, practices and different experiences. At work or sitting at the table, in the shade of an olive tree rather than lying on a rock of Castro in an evening bath.
“Nesting Paduli 2015” has ended, and this was the third year, with a lot of projects
in a public exhibition at the Palazzo Ducale in San Cassiano, which showed that olive trees can be seen in many, many ways.
The “Nziddha” shelters and the “Dreams Observatory” enrich Oliveto Public Park, which is becoming a real gallery, where the artwork is nature. It’s just a matter of getting used.
We worked for it, aided by the soft light of oil lamps and of the waning moon coming through the branches, by the dreamy melodies of the string quartet and by the energetic rhythms of DJ sets that made us dance between olive trees.
A huge thanks to everybody who has worked.


Some photos of the feast taken by VHS – Visual High Solutions by Alberto Caroppo and Francesco Buccarelli:



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