The end of this tiring but rewarding adventure has come; now it’s time to close “Living the Paduli 2015” project with thanks.

We would like to add our thanks to abitareipaduli.com ones (click here); so our heartfelt thanks go to:

  • LUA (Urban Open Laboratory), “Abitare i Paduli”, “Unione delle Terre di Mezzo”, “Comune di San Cassiano” and “Regione Puglia, the organizers of “Nesting Paduli 2015” project;
  • the panel of judges, composed by Rainer Toshikazu Winter (Director of ECOFORM Laboratory), Mariavaleria Mininni (Professor in Urban Planning and Landscape, Landscape architect), Giuseppe Nicola Pacella (“Unione delle Terre di Mezzo” Landscape Commission Chairman), Gabriele Petracca (San Cassiano Mayor and “GAL Terre d’Otranto” Chairman) and arch. Gaetano Fornarelli (LUA Architect), for appreciating our project;
  • arch. Mauro Lazzari and arch. Laura Basco, for supervisioning, coordinating and… commanding the whole gang of crazy people 🙂
  • tutors arch. Luigi “Gigi” Losciale, Davide Cassese and especially arch. Giovanni Maini, for guiding us through this journey and helping us to overcome big and small problems that occurred during and after the “Nziddha” creation;
  • the weaving master Uccio Mariano, for sharing his art with us;
  • branches gatherers Gianni Mariano and brother and son, “arundo donax” gatherer Pasquale Carlucci, for supplying the materials used for our shelters creation;
  • our old friends Antonio Latela e Valentina Totaro and all our new workshop friends, who helped and supported us during this adventure: Giorgia Prontera, Chiara Simeoni, Silvia Sparro, Ivan Schito, Antonio Ruggeri, Domenico Carlucci, Andrea Seviroli, Valeria Cazzetta, Sara Mancinelli, Ruggero Asnago, Elena Campa, Alessandro Zito;
  • the “Dreams Observatory” guys Andrea Foglio Para, Eleonora Molaro and especially Giorgio Mariotto, for helping us when we were… laying on the ground 😀
  • Alberto Caroppo and Francesco Buccarelli for hospitality and workshop photos;
  • Laboratorio del Gusto, for feeding us with delicious food at lunch;
  • Angela Lomele, for english translations support.


Credits: arch. Giovanni Maini

Credits: photo arch. Giovanni Maini

Thank you all for this wonderful experience and see you next year!!

arch. Pietro Di Chito – Fabrizia Parisi

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