Trullo V2

Modellazione 3d, rendering, post-processing

The scene, modelled and rendered in Blender, describes a working day in the Apulian countryside (south of Italy), interrupted by a brief meal (our typical friselle) and a nap in the nziddha” shelter, suspended to a mighty olive tree; a “trullo”, a small stone building, is dominating the scene.

The images were then postprocessed (with Blender and Gimp), to give them a “vintage” look.


  • Image textures – www.textures.com
  • Car (except materials) – Nigel Schutte
  • Sweet pepper bush – Andrew Price
  • Olive trees (except leaves and materials) – Free Olive Tree Pack vol1, di Sergio Mereces
  • Chair, bottle, dish – Chocofur
  • “Nziddha” shelter – dichitoarchitetto & Fabrizia Parisi
  • Stumps – Blend Swap, CC-BY, by soady
  • Butterfly – Blend Swap, CC-BY, by Germano
  • Axe – Blend Swap, CC-BY, by ProjectSchwarzdorn


3d modeling, rendering, post-processing arch. Pietro O. Di Chito

Year 2016

Project categories: 3d Graphics

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