“Physics of hydraulics” Expedition

3d modeling, Rendering, Post-processing

Pano 01, "Hydraulics. principles"
Pano 02, "Linear hydraulics"
Pano 03, "Hydraulic system"
Pano 04, "Hydraulics applications"

A group of “panos” (panoramic images) created with Vida Systems 3d artists team for Google Expeditions – “Physics of hydraulics” project.

Google Expeditions is a collection of virtual reality content (VR) that enable teachers to bring their students on immersive virtual trips to places like museums, underwater, outer space… To start the trip, a kit is needed: it’s made of a tablet, some smartphones, some virtual reality viewers (cardboards) and a router to connect them all.



  • crane (except shaders): CC-BY by danielgc
  • pneumatic drill (except shaders): CC-BY by ThePefDispenser
  • dump truck (except shaders): by CadNav.com
  • container (except shaders): by CadNav.com


Client Vida Systems for Google Expeditions

Oversight Mike Pan

3d modeling, Rendering, Post-processing arch. Pietro Di Chito

Year 2018

Project categories: 3d Graphics, Google Expeditions

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