Ferrari “641” – closeups

3d modeling, Rendering, Post-processing

Ferrari 641
Ferrari 641
Ferrari 641
Ferrari 641

After the interesting (and new, for me) experience of the Alfa Romeo “Giulia” modeling, I decided to start another project about another car.

It was again an Italian car, red … and very very fast.

As you have seen in the images above, I’m talking about the Ferrari 641 (also known as F1-90); this car joined the 1990 F1 Championship and was developed into the 641/2 model during that season.

For those who doesn’t know about it, more info here and here.

Why did I chose it? Because it’s my favorite f1 car ever; in fact this car is shown in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York (click here and here).

This project was developed in Blender as regards the modeling and rendering part; post-production was done in Photoshop.

The entire process was quite long because it was complex and was run during my spare time: in fact it lasted almost one year.

However I had the chance to improve my skills in modeling mechanical parts, I deepened my knowledge of this beautiful car and, which doesn’t hurt, I got a final result that I’m proud of.


If you are further interested in this project, you can find more images here and here (mechanics).


3d modeling, Rendering, Post-processing arch. Pietro O. Di Chito

Year 2019-2020

Project categories: 3d Graphics

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