“Microcosm” on Blender Cycles Gallery!

Do you remember my last scene “Microcosm (spider secret world)“? I’m proud to say that… it’s on Blender Cycles Gallery!! You can watch the Gallery clicking here or on the screenshot below. Thanks to Ton Roosendaal for sharing my work. 🙂

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For our eyes it represents just a small tree suspended between olive trees; for another creature it represents a small world. Credits: Software – Blender; Render engine – Cycles; Post processing – Blender + Gimp; Olive trees (except materials and close-up bonsai tree) – free olive tree pack vol1, by Sergio Mereces; Grass – the […]

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“Fading atmosphere” effect

As I said yesterday, the globe I represented in “Blue Levitating Marble” scene is based on a very detailed Andrew Price’s tutorial; you can find it here. I introduced some changes to materials described in the tutorial: particularly I modified the atmosphere because it had a sharp profile, to optimize the render time; so I […]

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Levitating blue marble

I imagined this scene after seeing Andrew Price‘s tutorial “How to make earth in blender (cycles)”. Differently from it, I created an interior scene, in which a levitating globe is replaced by an iper-realistic Earth: therefore the scene title is “Levitating blue marble”; the reference, obviously, is the well-known image taken by Apollo 17 crew […]

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Tiny urban oasis

3d modeling, rendering and post processing of a tiny green oasis, in the middle of a concrete “urban desert”.   Credits: grass and dry leaves – “The Grass essentials”, by Adrew Price; butterfly – Blend Swap, CC-BY, by Germano textures – www.textures.com  

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Wireframe render

In this small tutorial we’ll create a “wireframe render“, a photorealistic image (rendering) with the 3d model structure (wireframe) overlay. Let’s start with creating our scene, setting lights, materials, etc. In this tutorial we’ll use a very simple scene. Open “user preferences” from “file” menu, select “addons” tab and type “freestyle” in search box (1); […]

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Trullo v2

Maybe someone of you remembers the 3d model and render of a “trullo” (a small stone building) published here less than a year ago. During last weeks I decided to work again on that scene and make some changes and improvements, thanks to the bigger experience in modeling, materials creation, post-processing and generally in the use of […]

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Plane objects with… double face

Today I want to share a little trick to create plane objects with double face in Blender. An example? A leaf: with this method you can apply a first material to the leaf upper face and a second material, different from the other one, to the leaf lower face. Node base configuration is super easy: […]

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Detached house

Today we present the design, 3D modeling and rendering of a detached house; the building is located in the Apulian countryside, surrounded by olive trees; it combines traditional materials such as stone with contemporary solutions as glass railings and sliding sunshade panels,  CREDITS textures – www.textures.com cat – Blend Swap, CC-BY, by Gwinna; butterfly – […]

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Pro-Lighting skies

Last week Andrew Price released his new “Pro-Lighting skies” Blender addon, a HDR image pack very useful for external scenes. You can find below my first test with this new addon; I want to highlight two important aspects: a great decrease of memory consumption: from about 4190MB to about 3150MB, almost entirely occupied by materials […]

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