“Nziddha” shelter on italian television!

Do you remember our Nziddha shelter? Our temporary biodegradable shelter, winning project of Nidificare i Paduli 2015 (Nestin Paduli 2015), was a guest of television broadcast Sereno Variabile, on national television network Rai 2 last March 19, 2016! The episode describes history, art, flavors and customs of Castro, Poggiardo and San Cassiano (three Apulian small […]

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“Fading atmosphere” effect

As I said yesterday, the globe I represented in “Blue Levitating Marble” scene is based on a very detailed Andrew Price’s tutorial; you can find it here. I introduced some changes to materials described in the tutorial: particularly I modified the atmosphere because it had a sharp profile, to optimize the render time; so I […]

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Levitating blue marble

I imagined this scene after seeing Andrew Price‘s tutorial “How to make earth in blender (cycles)”. Differently from it, I created an interior scene, in which a levitating globe is replaced by an iper-realistic Earth: therefore the scene title is “Levitating blue marble”; the reference, obviously, is the well-known image taken by Apollo 17 crew […]

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